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Thursday , 21 September 2023

Tag Archives: Transport and Highways

COVID-19 Perils and Opportunities


According to Neeraj Sanghi, CEO, Highway Concessions One Private Ltd, once we are able to go through the current tough times, we could expect a turn-around for the road infrastructure sector in the coming years. In 2019-20, traffic growth remained low to even negative in some cases. As the concessionaires were looking for a better 2020-21, they are stuck by ...

Bilateral Cooperation between India-Russia

In order to develop and establish formal platform for cooperation in the Transport and Highways sector, a Memorandum-of -Understanding in the field of Road Transport and Road Industry has been jointly negotiated and finalized by India and Russia. Increased co-operation, exchange and collaboration with Russia will contribute to establish a long-term and effective bilateral relationship of communication and cooperation in ...