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Tuesday , 19 September 2023

Tag Archives: Traffic Guidance

Intelligent Cameras for Traffic Management

With increased urbanization and increased vehicular traffic, cities everywhere are battling with an inability to build enough infrastructure. While the government has been laying emphasis on building roads, bridges & underpasses and creating alternative modes of mass public transport systems, this may not be enough to address the traffic congestion. Traffic management has always posed a challenge in India and ...

Beating traffic jams with intelligent video technology

According to one study from INRIX, a leading provider of transport insights, Los Angeles commuters spent over 100 hours a year in traffic jams in 2017 – more than any other city in the world. Additionally, London traffic jams cost drivers the equivalent of £2,430 (US$3,135) each, equal to more than £9.5 billion (US$12.3 billion) across the city as a ...