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Saturday , 24 February 2024

Tag Archives: Traffic Conditions

Moscow relies on real-time technology PTV Optima

With around 11.55 million inhabitants in central Moscow and 19 million when including the surrounding satellite suburbs, Moscow is one of the biggest cities in the world – and it has its fair share of traffic challenges too. Particularly during rush hour, the international metropolis has to contend with heavy congestion on its arterial and ring roads. To counter this, the city has opted to implement state-ofthe- art ...

Testing the performance of Displaced Right-Turn Intersection in mixed traffic conditions

Studies on Displaced Right-Turn Intersection design show that it is a more effective design for managing traffic at intersections instead of the conventional 4-arm design The rapid growth of road traffic in Indian cities is making the available transport infrastructure inadequate. There is a need to find alternative solutions to the problem. One such method is the Displaced Right-Turn Intersection ...