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Thursday , 18 April 2024

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Monitoring Surat city on Delta Video wall

Delta, along with Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt Ltd, enables 24×7 surveillance of? Surat Safe City Project with a 280sqft DLP Video wall Delta (www.deltadisplays.com), a pioneer in providing video wall solutions, has commissioned its state-of-the-art DLP Video wall, powered with Next Gen LEDs, for the first ever Safe City Project in India. Delta collaborated with Surat City Police department, ...

Interview with : Nitin Patel, Our contractors have to maintain the roads

Gujarat’s roads and Expressways are among the best in the country. BRTS has worked only in its city of Ahmedabad and failed everywhere else, even in the national capital. The state government has initiated some good transportation projects like ferry boat, Metro and Ring Roads. Gujarat is on the move and how! Yet, it faces a big problem – the indiscipline of its mobile public, transporters and even government officers. Nitin Patel, Minister of Urban Development & Urban Housing, Water Supply and Water Resources (excluding Kalpsar Division) speaks on these issues and more with Vidyottama Sharma.