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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Monitoring Surat city on Delta Video wall

Delta, along with Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt Ltd, enables 24×7 surveillance of? Surat Safe City Project with a 280sqft DLP Video wall

Delta (www.deltadisplays.com), a pioneer in providing video wall solutions, has commissioned its state-of-the-art DLP Video wall, powered with Next Gen LEDs, for the first ever Safe City Project in India. Delta collaborated with Surat City Police department, Surat Traffic Education Trust and Innovative Telecom & Software Pvt Ltd for the Surat Safe City project.

The 280sqft video wall has been installed at the command & control room of Surat Police Headquarters in the diamond city. With the help of Delta?s Video Wall Solution, Surat Police will now be able to monitor the entire city with the blink-of-an-eye. From the entry and exit points of the city to the crowded areas of textile and diamond markets, hundreds of CCTV Cameras have been installed for this project. The video surveillance system will help in proactively addressing any terror threat, effective traffic management and improving safety of the city.

?There is a need to enhance the safety and security of Surat City based on its large population and concentration of key industries, such as diamond, textile, engineering, and oil and gas,? says Rakesh Asthana, Police Commissioner, Surat City. ?The Surat Safe City Project is an investment designed to help ensure the safety of our people and bring a greater awareness of security amongst our citizens. This project of the government of Gujarat has been executed successfully as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) by the Surat City Police Commissionerate along with Traffic Education Trust, Surat.?

Says Moin Shaikh, Director, Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt Ltd, ?For the first ever Safe City project in India, we had to choose the best in the industry. Delta, having huge expertise in Display Solutions, came out as a clear winner. With bright and crystal clear images, Delta LED Video City Police will be able to monitor from state-of-the-art control room. Skilled police officials as operators in the Control Room can respond to emergencies more appropriately and swiftly.?

Delta deployed its futuristic environment friendly LED Video wall to help Surat Police monitor the entire city of Surat, Gujarat. The video wall is driven by Delta?s Icon Pro controller & wall management software which will display the coverage of the CCTV cameras installed across the city. The display solution can handle data coming from various sources including display of city map when required. City surveillance projects are becoming a necessity in large cities as there is a need to ensure the safety of the public by monitoring each part of the city. It is crucial to have a central control room equipped with High-End Large Video wall solutions to monitor minute details with convenience. With the success of Surat City Surveillance project, more cities are expected to come up with video surveillance systems.

The project was inaugurated by the tech savvy Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi, on January 18, 2013. In his address, the CM praised the initiative taken by Surat City Police and highlighted the benefits of the technology for betterment of people?s lives. He also emphasised the use of such technology and solutions in other areas of public administration for improvement of services and quality of life. Delta Displays, a division of the USD 7.08 billion Delta Group, is a pioneer in developing professional display for control room solutions for surveillance, security, traffic, command & control, utilities, process control, telecom and broadcast applications. Delta offers a wide array of display technologies including rear projection DLP video walls with Gen2013 LED technology, super thin-bezel LCD video walls, and high-resolution indoor/outdoor LED displays with various options of Wall management suite.

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