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Tuesday , 28 November 2023

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COVID 19 – Saving Public Bus Transport

public transport - Bus Transport

As India recovers from the impacts of the current epidemic, bus based public transport systems will play a vital role in building back the economy. For hundreds of people who suffered financially due to the nationwide lockdown, buses offer the only low-cost mobility option to access jobs, education and health care. However, the State Transport Undertakings (STUs) that operate public ...

In Search of Solutions

The panel discussion on “Public Parking: Technology, Design and Management” at TrafficInfraTech Expo 2015 focused on the problems in public parking in the city and the possible solutions. The panelists were (left to right in picture below): Anant Kumar, Chief Engineer, New Delhi Municipal Council, Arvind Mayar, Chief Executive Officer, Secure Parking Solutions Pvt Ltd, N. Sathaynarayanan, Managing Director, Central ...

Smart parking for Indore

Parking has emerged as a major challenge in Indore. Atal Indore City Transport Service Limited had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) for preparing a mobility plan to address mobility-related challenges of Indore and develop a set of multimodal solutions that will extend access to safe, reliable and comfortable mobility for all, whilst aiming for affordability, zero traffic accidents, low environmental impact, and ...