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Saturday , 13 July 2024

Tag Archives: Public Transportation

EV’s in Kolkata by 2030

EESL, BSNL to set up 1000 EV charging stations

Upping the ante in the electric vehicle sector, the transport department of Kolkata has prepared a roadmap for switching to electric mode in the public transportation sector in the metro city by 2030. The move was made after Kolkata recently bagged the prestigious C40 award in Copenhagen for green mobility – low carbon commute transition. In this regard, Narayan Swaroop ...

Germany makes its public transportation a success story

By providing many incentives and adopting a few strict regulations, Germany has succeeded in shifting its travelling population towards public transport. Its ongoing efforts towards greener transport are worth emulating. Well known transportation expert Manfred Breithaupt, along with Mael Martinie, writes on the initiatives. Between 1990 and 2007, passenger transport in pass-km increased by 52% in Germany and between 2002 ...

Interview with: O P Gupta, This year I will give BEST its first break-even in 15 years

He wants to bring BEST’s glorious years back – despite the odds. Despite the accumulated losses of र3000 crore over the last eight years. Despite the sudden 25% increase in the fleet of buses without any infrastructure support. Despite the general negative perception about his drivers. Installing cameras in buses to provide safety, unified passenger information system, electronic machines to ...