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Thursday , 28 September 2023

Tag Archives: public transport systems

Unlocking Delhi

A fast, reliable and safe mobility system like RRTS will act as the backbone of urban and regional transportation in NCR reducing congestion and pollution significantly writes Sudhir Kumar Sharma, CPRO, NCRTC The National Capital, Delhi is the nerve center of National Capital Region, one of the fastest growing city in the world both in terms of population and economy. ...

MULTIMODAL INTEGRATION: Pre-requisite for the success of Urban Mass Transit

To unleash the full potential of public transport systems in achieving sustainable mobility, it is necessary to induce a modal shift among the growing numbers of urban commuters that use personal vehicles to get around. But for that, public transportation has to match the comfort and convenience of personal vehicles, write WRI’s Chaitanya Kanuri and Pawan Mulukutla. Urban mass transportation ...