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Sunday , 19 May 2024

Tag Archives: Parking sensors

Parking Management Leveraging the power of automation

Parking, traffic and infrastructure development are deeply intertwined with each other, as the search for car-space can lead to traffic congestion, delays, and higher emissions. Sid Jalan explores the parking management market and the technology enabling the next generation of mobility. The modern urban landscape has evolved at a staggering pace, leading to unprecedented levels of congestion. The age-old approach ...

Siemens launches smart parking technology in Germany

German multinational Siemens AG has teamed with parking services provider Streetline to launch a smart parking project in Braunschweigh, Germany. The city has already completed the installation of parking sensors and networking equipment needed for the project. The equipment will monitor real-time data in parking locations to determine availability of parking space. This parking information is then distributed to drivers ...