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Monday , 4 December 2023

Tag Archives: Metro System

INTERVIEW: ‘Metro corridors will change life in Mumbai’

By when will all the seven phases of Metro be operational? The MMRDA has already started the elevated corridors because they are relatively easier to complete. They are planning to commission them by 2019 itself – at least the first two phases – 2A and 7A. And the rest would follow. Phase 1 of Line 3, i.e., Depot to BKC will ...

Preparing for World Cup and Olympic Games: Rio de Janeiro Explores American Hovercraft Technology to Solve Transportation Woes!

While Brazil’s earlier efforts at providing hovercrafts to its travelling populace have always stopped at some point or the other, this time round the water transportation option seems to be bearing fruit in its second largest city – Rio de Janeiro. The fact that over 5,00,000 temporary visitors are expected to visit the city for the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games could be one of the reasons for the step.

How to create A Great City?

In our Urban Design section this time, we discuss certain issues that go in making a city green, and also address the pedestrian and traffic woes, instead of writing about the design of a structure