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Wednesday , 17 July 2024

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V2X for Road Vehicle Safety

Taking forward the impact of V2X on providing ease of travel, yet another discussion looked at its impact on road safety and security. While the technologies that have been proposed around V2X offer an intervention, they may not completely solve the problem. The experts who participated in the discussion included Uday Dodla, Senior Director, Automotive Business Development, Qualcomm India Pvt ...

Navigating the Crossroads: Balancing Innovation and Stability in Traffic Management Technologies

In the fast-paced world of transportation infrastructure, the question of whether to overhaul mature, functioning systems with untested, cutting-edge technologies sparks intense debate. This critical discussion took center stage during a recent panel featuring influential industry leaders in the domain of automated traffic monitoring systems. The panelists Vivek Jaiswal, COO, Indian Highway Management Company Limited–IHMCL; Sandeep Pawar, MD & CEO, ...