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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Sydney to get electronic freeway management system

The M4 motorway in Sydney will get a new electronic freeway management system. The system, funded by the Australian federal government and the provincial government of New South Wales, will reduce traffic congestion and lead to quicker traffic movement. The system includes CCTVs, entry ramp signalling and digital message signs to provide live traffic updates and signs indicating variable speed limits and land restrictions. The system will also enable authorities to provide real-time information to motorists, suggest alternative congestion-free routes and quickly detect accidents on the motorway. It will also enable authorities to provide immediate assistance to accident victims and clear the motorway quickly after accidents. Delays resulting from accidents usually result in substantial economic losses. About 115,000 motorists using the motorway every day are expected to be benefited by the system which would also result in annual savings of more than $500 million for the Australian economy.

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