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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Steradian Semiconductor: Pioneering in Integrated 4D Imaging Radars

The 4D Imaging Radar sensor offers a safer and smarter future targeting to fulfil all the needs of ITMS, Speed Enforcement/Detection, Traffic Enforcement (RLVD/ATCC), Traffic Signal controls etc for Highway and Smart City projects

Bangalore based Steradian Semiconductors is in the forefront in Integrated 4D Imaging Radars. Imaging Radar migrates conventional point tracking devices to extracting high density point cloud providing features like Shapes and Sizes. This while retaining all the outstanding benefits of the basic Radar technology: visibility through fog and dust, accurate range measurements to 300+ meters, accurate speed measurements extending upto 320 Km/Hr. Steradian has built state-of-the-art Radar Transceiver.

Ashish Lachhwani, CMO

“We have designed all the components in-house at our R&D center in Bangalore. Steradian has developed the world’s most compact 28nm CMOS, Milli-meter wave, Imaging Radar Chips to power our 4D Sensors. The state-of-the-art Radar Signal Processing Algorithms and Perception SW for Data Handling, RF and Mechanical Calibrations, Target Detections, MIMO Demodulation, Angle of Arrival, Clustering, Tracking and Data Association and Object Classification using AI/ML with Processor as Edge device are a testimonial of our world-class product.

“The Milli-meter wave Antenna and Radar Processing Software when combined with the Radar IC enables a complete high performance Imaging Radar product”, says Ashish Lachhwani, CMO.

“Our Radar sensors can collect precise real-time traffic data for statistics and eventually get connected to the back end operation. Being one of its kind multi-lanes counting sensors that can be gantry mounted, Steradian Semiconductor detectors are the perfect fit for fixed (permanent) or mobile (Interceptor) traffic counting stations.”

There are various applications of 4D Radars:

Prasad Srinivasan, Director of Sales & Marketing

Intersection: Single sensor for lane specific advanced detection, Queue Length Estimation (QLE), Mid-Block Detection Counting and Statistics.

Highway: Traffic counting, classification & statistical analysis, Wrong way driving detection.

Enforcement: Red Light Enforcement, Portable speed Enforcement, Mobile speed Enforcement etc…

Prasad Srinivasan, Director of Sales & Marketing adds, “Traffic data includes counting, classification of different classes of vehicles including lane wise parameters such as Unique vehicle identification number, speed, vehicle counting, zoning, laning, time-sync etc. The lane coverage is across 6+ lanes with each lane being 3.5m+ each. 256 unique vehicles can be identified with a range across 300+ meters while travelling at a very high speed of 320Km/Hr.

“The Radar operates at mmWave band and features SW switchable long range tracking capability, with high precision angular resolution at with 20 FPS refresh date. The sensors deliver excellent data for highway performance monitoring and reporting on demand, Speed enforcement on highways or freeways. Automatic Traffic control systems, Queue Length monitoring, Red Light Violation detection irrespective of the visibility, environment and weather conditions”

The 4D radars operates 24/7 in extremely harsh conditions and have undergone multiple international certifications such as:

  • IP67 certification
  • OIML D11 testing for weather (shock, vibration, salt/ mist etc)
  • RTS for speed and range ascertained through World-class labs
  • OIML R91 certifications
  • FCC/CE Certification

Ashish added “We also offer high performance automotive grade Imaging Radar for RFIC (in partnership with Renesas) and High Resolution mmWave 4D Imaging Radar with a real-time reconstruction of the surrounding. These Radars are being used for other Industrial applications such as Smart sensing, Precision parking and Docking (for Aeroplanes).”

Steradian Semiconductors has filed 15 patents (9 granted) covering various aspects of this product. The company has grown steadily and significantly over the last few years. Steradian has partnered with Astra Microwave, Hyderabad based listed-company with a three decade history of producing volume devices for Radar and Communications. This allows Steradian to support customers for volume production.

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