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Thursday , 30 May 2024

StarTraq launches offence management International Partner Programme

StarTraq, international traffic offence management service provider, has launched an International Partner Programme to increase the coverage of DOME (Dynamic Offence Management and Enforcement), its cloud based software that enables automatic detection of repetitive processes such as traffic offences. International partners such as software resellers, safety camera manufacturers and system integrators can resell DOME to government agencies, police forces and other enforcement agencies. They will also be able to access marketing materials, technical help, detailed business and technical information and technical support. The DOME programme has already got an international partner in South Africa – I-Cube. I-Cube takes care of traffic enforcement in private housing estates in South Africa. The company uses solar powered motion-triggered cameras to monitor speed violations, red light violations, seat belt usage and mobile phone usage while driving. Images from the cameras are uploaded directly to the servers through wireless and 3G connections. The drivers’ details are checked with the records in the databases. The record of the offences is then printed and delivered to the offenders, who can also view their citations online.

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