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Friday , 24 May 2024

SPEEDOSOFT Laser Speed Lidar from Experiotech

SpeedoSoft System — is a flagship product of ExperioTech and is designed to detect vehicle speed, measure the distance and record speed violations.

The key feature of SpeedoSoft System is an embedded laser speed device and one high-end Full HD video camera with auto focus. This solution allows ease of operation to target a specific vehicle in traffic. The feature that makes the device unique is that it gives an authentic & error free recognition of the violator as it captures the license plate from a considerable distance.

The system is equipped with ANPR, which enables the system to extract the number plate of the vehicle. A video snapshot of the violator can also be recorded if enabled. SpeedSoft is capable of printing to any printer including wireless and cloud based printers.

SpeedoSoft comprises a single-block device. It is designed to track approaching as well as receding targets simultaneously both in tripod-mounted and vehicle mounted Models.


  • Negligible installation time
  • Tripod-mounted device for smooth and hurdle free operation
  • Automatic self-testing of main operation units at start-up
  • 10.1 Touch-Screen Display gives a high resolution and visible view to the user
  • Easy and user-friendly touch enable interface
  • Quickly change the speed limit (threshold) to catch the violators
  • Capture speed violation with picture evidence
  • Ability to record and store video clips with speed measurements
  • Additional battery pack which provides at least 4 to 8 hours of backup.
  • Efficient energy-saving system (automatically switches to “standby” mode when not in use).
  • Ability to connect to external navigation module to determine the GPS coordinates as well the location name and superimpose on the recorded images.
  • On board data storage. Recall up to 40,000 records with timestamp.
  • License Plate legible recognition from considerable distance.


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