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Wednesday , 15 May 2024

Thermoplastics from PRISMOLINE

Prismoline is a leading manufacture and exporter of thermoplastic materials with application in road safety. The quality management systems are followed in quality assurance testing on all incoming raw materials, manufacturing process, and finished product. The quality control system & computerized batch control manufacturing facility help uniform quality every time. Prismoline believes in customer satisfaction and environment friendly marking materials matching or exceeding standard like the MoRTH 803.4 and 36262.

Hot Melt Thermoplastics are solid road marking materials at ambient temperature, which melt to liquid when heated at high temperatures (between 180 and 200 deg.C). They are applied on the pavement while still hot, so they get hard immediately after application by solidification and fusion with the pavement.

Key Features

  • Immediate drying allows immediate opening of the road to traffic
  • Very long durability, as they are applied as thick layers (usually 1.5 to 3mm)
  • High night visibility until the end of its use life, as they incorporate glass beads into its composition

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