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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Solutions for Parking Management From Syrotech Network

Finding innovative solutions to streamline parking operations has become a need of the hour due to growing number of vehicles and limited space. Syrotech Network’s integrated parking solution combines Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, parking barriers and RFID technology to transform parking management.

By using optical character recognition technology to capture and analyse license plate information, ANPR cameras automatically detect vehicles entering and exiting parking lots and provide real-time data on duration and usage of parking sessions. By monitoring parking lots without human intervention, the need for manual ticketing or access control systems is eliminated. Advanced parking barriers regulate vehicle access and optimise the utilisation of space by using ANPR data to ensure that only authorised vehicles can enter or exit the parking area.

These barriers help prevent unauthorised parking, thereby reducing congestion and even enhancing security. An RFID or parking FASTag, affixed to the windshield of the owner’s vehicle and having a unique identifier linked to the vehicle owner’s account, reduces waiting times, minimises queues and enhances customer satisfaction. As the vehicle approaches the entrance or exit of the parking lot, the ANPR cameras and RFID reader work in tandem to identify the tag and the associated account – hence allowing the parking barrier to lift automatically.

The power of these three technologies leads to enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, improved security, data-driven insights and user convenience. Syrotech’s comprehensive parking solution can be implemented in the parking areas of shopping malls, office buildings, airports and residential complexes.


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