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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Solution for safer roads and smart parking


Prashant Mathur

The North America based Logix ITS, a global leader in traffic and parking solutions   launched its India office early this year offering Intelligent Traffic and Parking Solutions.  The company has  already completed a project at the Delhi Airport and JLN Marg, Jaipur. Logix ITS also offers speed cameras for  detecting traffic violations.  Prashant Mathur, Director- Logix ITS,  spoke to TrafficInfraTech.

About Logix Group India

Logix ITS is an international, Canada based company that has been providing solutions for safer roads and better parking since 1995. The company’s primary divisions are Traffic Logix and Parking Logix. Traffic Logix offers a complete toolbox of traffic calming solutions including the SafePace line of speed cameras, radar speed signs, and speed trailers as well as rubber speed humps, speed tables and rubber lane curbing. The SafePace signs include the ability to gather and analyse data on volume and speed of passing vehicles. Parking Logix offers affordable, accurate and easy-to-install smart parking counting solutions and aims to improve parking accessibility by letting drivers know when and where parking spots are available.

Long term business  goals in India

With the new initiative by the government of India to create smart cities, there is a critical need for traffic safety and parking solutions that can make a real difference. Our solutions offer the tools cities need to enhance driver awareness, enforce speed limits, and help cities gather and manage data on driver behaviour. With India’s recent focus on improving safety and reducing traffic related injuries and deaths, it was a natural progression for us to introduce our solutions to this nascent market. Our products have helped bring back safety to streets around and reduce the frustration often associated with parking.

The latest installations  of Logix in India

We have recently installed radar speed signs with integrated speed cameras at J.L.N Marg, Jaipur. It is a complete intelligent traffic solution, which not only reduces speeding but also captures violator data for enforcement. We have recently done a radar speed sign installation at Delhi International Airport T3. The other installations include ones for Reliance, Infosys and Chandigarh Traffic Police. From our interactions with local companies and police departments, we have noticed that people are really attuned to the importance of improving safety with intelligent traffic solutions and are eager to install solutions as soon as they can.

Company’s advantages  in the Indian market

Logix ITS is one of the top manufacturers of radar speed signs, speed cameras and parking solutions in the world. The clients know we are a company with an established history of success that they can trust to be provided with superior solutions. Our speed display signs have broad applications as they can be a vital safety tool in places that have speed limits– residential communities, colonies, private or public campuses, highways, or city roads. Our parking solutions offer accurate data solution with pricing that is quite competitive. Once sales increase in volume, we plan to start manufacture in India as well.

New rollouts in India

We recently launched our latest model of speed cameras in India, the SP Enforcer Cam. Of very high quality, the cameras are made available at very affordable prices. They measure the speed of passing vehicles. In event of speed violation, they automatically register the license plate and send challans/tickets to violators. What’s unique about the SP Enforcer is not only its accuracy but also the ability to detect multiple vehicles simultaneously. We have plans to launch ‘Wrong Lane Detection System’, which in road-transport terminology are also known as ‘Lane Departure Warning System.’ This is a mechanism designed to warn drivers when a vehicle begins to move out of its lane on highways or arterial roads. These systems are a powerful tool to minimize accidents by addressing the main causes of collisions: driver error, distractions or drowsiness.

We are in the process of conducting demo & installations with some local law enforcement agencies such as traffic police, municipalities and development authorities. We plan to display and formally launch SP Enforcer Cam at TrafficInfratech Expo in Mumbai (booth-B-5) and at Hotel Courtyard International Airport on September 1


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