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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Smart Waste & Recycling System

In over fifty countries around the world, municipalities, universities, commercial real estate firms, healthcare facilities, city centres, retail high streets, transit hubs, shopping malls, parks and other public spaces rely on the innovative Bigbelly system to improve the cleanliness and quality of life. Bigbelly’s cloud-based solution gathers, consolidates, and analyzes data from smart and connected stations, providing real-time alerts, live status, and historical reports that help optimize operations and beautify public space.

Bigbelly’s smart Waste & Recycling System provides total waste containment and real-time visibility into your entire operation, helping you maintain a cleaner, more attractive environment – efficiently and cost-effectively.

• Beautify the space – Contain litter & keep pests at bay
• Calm the space – Reduce collection truck congestion, noise & air pollution
• Sustain the space – Introduce recycling, conserve fuel & cut carbon emissions
• Ease the space – Improve community relations & reduce complaints
• Economize the space – Increase productivity & reduce fleet operations costs

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