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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Innovative Lighting Concept – Solar LED Street Lights

MassTrans offers clean solar energy for lighting whilst at the same time reducing the carbon footprint. In collaboration with Solar Eco Systems, we develop, manufacture and distribute selfsustaining solar LED street lights. We combine unique design with the latest technology of photovoltaics and LED.

• Environment friendly – Highly efficient photovoltaic technology
• Economical – No electricity costs. Minimal installation costs.
• Aesthetic, unique, modern design
• Efficient modern LED technology
• Reliable in operation – Controlled by a microcontroller
• No laying of cables required
• Minimal operating and maintenance works
• Long lasting illuminant
• Zero CO2 emissions
• LED Light with reduced UV emission – attracts less insects

MassTrans also offers Retrofit Solution with state-of-the-art technology at fraction of the cost of replacing existing lights. Our line of IOT retrofit lights take a single function energy guzzling street lamp and turn it into multisensory gateway with a wide variety of functions such as

• Monitoring air quality
• Monitoring traffic
• Identifying vacant parking spots on the street
• High resolution CCTV point to multipoint communication system and motion sensors
• Automatic dimming when no activity, saving battery life and expense

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