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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Smart & Safe City Solutions

Shailendra Kumar Singh, AVP – Smart & Safe City Business at Vehant Technologies

In the approach to the Smart Cities Mission of the government of India, the objective is to provide core infrastructure and give safe environment to citizens through application of ‘Smart & Safe City’ Solutions. Shailendra Kumar Singh, AVP – Smart & Safe City Business at Vehant Technologies, elaborates on the solutions for both the verticals of Smart & Safe City as well as enterprise analytics.

The state of the art Smart & Safe City Analytics is a highly efficient, fully customizable and user-friendly video analytics solution that monitors situations and behaviors, and flags any actions pre-determined as unusual. The solutions are capable of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal events not based on a single image. These AI enabled systems can support a combination of multiple video analytics use cases which can be used together. The systems are compatible with 3rd party camera hardware meeting minimum requirement.

The AI based video analytics solutions reduce congestion based on real-time data, and they facilitate traffic enforcement thus reducing violations. These solutions further cater to the enterprises in various segments such as hospitality, retail, personal protective equipment industry and the like.

TrafficMon® Speed Violation Detection System instantly determines vehicle speed, offering seamless operation by video based as well as radar based detection.

TrafficMon® Red Light Violation Detection System is the best in class video-based system that shows the entire violation scenario through its violation evidence capturing module.

Traffic Analytics solutions include various systems such as automated number plate recognition, vehicle classification, vehicle color & make, detection of speed violation, wrong way/No entry, no parking, no helmet, triple riding, free left obstruction, no seat belt and mobile phone use can be detected.

TrafScan® Vehicle Detection System monitors & captures traffic information at traffic signals. This system enables adaptive management of traffic signals by capturing and providing various traffic information including but not limited to vehicle presence, count, classification, queue length, average speed, headway, gap, etc.

Vehant’s Okean AI® Advanced Video Analytics Platform is a suite that offers all analytics solutions bundled together as per the need of the customer. It is a real time video analytics engine that performs deep analysis of incidents, and it is capable of processing video data online as well as offline. It is a highly scalable and modular software architecture which can be easily deployed on premise, cloud as well as on hybrid model. A range of solutions is offered on Okean, notably detection of tripwire & intrusion loitering, abandoned & missing object, crowd gathering & flow, person collapse, women safety, face recognition, people counting, camera tampering, object masking, graffiti and vandalism, human/animal classification, fire & smoke Detection and so forth. Vehant’s Video Summarization solution provides a quick review method of alerts of interest based on user requirements.

Vehant offers another segment of solutions for smart highways in order to facilitate traffic management and enforcement with respect to highways.

TrafficMon® Vehicle Speed Detection System (VSDS) detects the speed of the vehicles on the route instantly. The system is beneficial in monitoring vehicle speed and thus facilitates in controlling accidents due to over speeding.

TrafficMon® Vehicle Actuated Speed Display System (VASD) displays the speed of the vehicle in real time and provides textual/graphical warning to vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

OKEAN AI® Vehicle Incident Detection System (VIDS) automatically reports dangerous situations and irregular traffic conditions on highways. It is among the industry’s most innovative solution available in the market.

OKEAN AI® Traffic Accident Reporting System (TARS) provides the accident investigator with advanced techniques in accident data analysis.

TrafficMon® Multi – Lane- Free-Flow Tolling System (MLFFTS) is an electronic tolling technology that enables smooth flow of traffic. The technology enables quick and seamless tolling on highways. It can be used for effective vehicle monitoring and efficient tax management on highways.

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