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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Smart Cameras

Shanghai Ruishi Machine Vision Technology Co. Ltd (ROSEEK) has introduced Chameleon 1, a series of Smart Cameras. The highly integrated imaging system contains an image acquisition module and a system communication module to provide easy solutions for complex, modular, reliable and real-time vision technologies.

The smart camera integrates TI DaVinci DSP processor as system CPU, sharp high-end CCD/CMOS sensors and abundant peripheral interfaces. It supports secondary embedded development. With mature SDK and technical documents, the user is able to implement all kinds of intelligent algorithms and applications on camera platform. The camera is appropriate for LPR, motion detection, vehicle counting, behavior analysis, face recognition, etc.

User can migrate systems control logic and intelligent image processing algorithms (like video detection, LPR and so on) to the camera so as to improve the instantaneity and reliability of the total solution. Meanwhile, it can make the solution simple and low-cost.

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