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Friday , 23 February 2024

Salt Lake City introduces new parking payment solution

Salt Lake City in the US, in collaboration with parking and enforcement technology developer Aparc System, has awarded a contract to mobile payment platform provider QuickPay to offer mobile parking payment facilities to the city drivers. Programmes such as parking plans, coupons, dynamic pricing and automated validations from local businesses can be easily executed on the QuickPay platform. The new system helps drivers find parking spots and pay for them. Drivers can tap or scan the QP QuickPay sign with their smartphones, and even receive automatic expiration notifications. They can also receive e-receipts for all transactions and can access their entire account histories online. It also improves enforcement by providing enhanced parking data to the city authorities and police. The QP QuickPay is available as a free application on iPhone and Android. Users without smartphones can create an account and pay by phone through text message or voice pay.

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