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Thursday , 13 June 2024

Special plays and announcements in Patna

Special announcements, informing motorists and pedestrians of traffic rules, were played at major traffic intersections in Patna as the city observed Road Safety Week. The announcements called upon drivers to wear helmets, to park their vehicles properly, not to drive after drinking, and informed them of the penalties for different traffic offences. The 30-minute recorded announcements might eventually become a permanent feature of the city roads. The Superintendent of Police (SP – Traffic) Kim reportedly said that the principal causes of accidents in the city were drunken driving, minors driving two wheelers, people driving two wheelers without helmets, and three people riding on two wheelers. The traffic police also used innovative street plays staged at street corners to convey the importance of road safety. The plays had themes such as the dangers of violating traffic rules, and driving under the influence of alcohol. Policemen also visited schools and made presentations to school teachers and pupils on the necessity of school children being aware of traffic rules and regulations, and safe walking and bicycling practices on roads.

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