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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Road Marking Machine

SB60SA is a mini-automatic thermoplastic screed road marking machine from Shri Balaji Road Marking Machines. The road marking machine comes with stainless steel tank with 150kgs (75 Liters) paint capacity. The heavy-duty paint discharge gate is welded to the tank for smooth drainage of paint to the screed shoe.

Chassis: The machine has a heavy-duty chassis with good mechanical design for tough operation. Their specially designed hydrostatic drive system is from Italy.

Drive system: The specially designed hydrostatic drive system is from Italy. It has a marking speed of 0-2.5 km/h and a free moving speed of 0-5km/h. The machine also has a by-pass valve for towing operation. There are two Italian made hydraulic motors for the front wheel. The road marking machine is able to operate on maximum working time and withstand any kind of weather at any site.

Engine: The 5hp Honda petrol engine is robust and reliable.

Screed shoe: The specially screed shoe is designed with 100mm and 150mm. It is also available with a choice of single handle or double handle shoes. The screed shoes are attached with high pressure burner nozzles. It is activated pneumatically.

Dimension: Length 1300mm, Width 1100mm with screed shoe and Height 1100mm. Without screed shoe and glass bead dispenser, the machine weighs 220kg and with screed shoe and glass bead dispenser 290kg


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