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Friday , 23 February 2024

Reliance Infra’s 7th road project operational

SU Toll Road Pvt Ltd, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of Reliance Infrastructure has begun operations and collection of toll on the Salem-Ulundurept road in Tamil Nadu. The seventh road project of Reliance Infrastructure, the Salem-Ulundurept road widening project (from two lanes to four lanes) has been executed on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis. The road links 79 villages with Chennai, Bengaluru and other major cities, in addition to connecting tourist centres and industrial zones. About 8,500 vehicles are expected to pass through every day, the number being expected to double in four years. Certain stretches of the road which had dangerous curves and steep rises were realigned so that motorists could drive at the designed speeds safely. As a result of the widening the average speed of the vehicles will increase to 70km/hr from 35km/hr, reducing travelling time by about 45% and fuel costs by about 40%. The road will also make travelling to Chennai airport from Salem easier and convenient. There are three ten-lane plazas on the road to handle the heavy traffic, out of which two plazas are operational at present. All toll plazas have an Emergency Control Room that will locate accident sites and provide quick medical services.

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