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Monday , 24 June 2024

POWER ELECTRONICS: LED Destination Displays System

Power Electronics, which is pioneer in introducing LED Destination Display Signs in India with implementation in over 18,000 buses (incorporating ITS and AVLS), believes that an integrated common framework uniting some of the key transport subsystems will offer transport authorities the ability to better manage their network and provide integrated services to customers. Having bagged the contract for supply of Automatic Vehicle Location Solution to L&T for Nagpur Smart City, the company is looking at offering an opportunity to utilise the new infrastructure as a base for future projects.

Power Electronics has created two brand identities – “MassTrans” for Highway & Urban Traffic Management, Intelligent Transport, Smart Highway & Smart City Solutions and “MassPark” for providing solutions for on-street & off-street Parking Management, Guidance & Enforcement.

The company design and manufactures passenger information systems for the public transport industry. Satisfied customers across India use a range of its solutions, attracted by high levels of quality, reliability and customer service. The security afforded by over 26 years experience, financial independence and a continuous product development programme is further assurance of the company’s dependability.

LED destination boards from Power Electronics can be commissioned at the front, side & rear of a bus. The products yield maximum visibility from all angles and in all lighting conditions. The customer-focused approach means that the company can quickly develop and supply new sign sizes to suit specific customer requirements. Bus Destination Display System provides real-time location information to passengers through audio & visual systems.

Their LED display range includes front / side / rear External LED signs, internal LED signs, LED multi-coloured signs and LED school bus signs.


The signs are robust, easy to install, use and maintain. All signs benefit from excellent legibility in all environments and are fitted with automatic brightness adjustment which optimises visibility and reduces power consumption.

The sign system is programmed using Windows based software which is simple to use and allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages and a wide variety of presentation styles.

The sign system is driven by a dedicated controller which also serves as the driver interface.

They offer four types of sign controller with different levels of sophistication, interface options and feature sets. These controllers cover a wide range of passenger information system requirements from a basic, single sign system (DRS) to a more complex, multi-sign system with additional options such as audio announcements and wireless data transfer. The sign controllers house the destination database of messages that are displayed on the signs. This database is programmed using Windows based software. As with the LED destination signs, all controllers benefit from complete in-house production, excellent reliability and warranty.

excellent reliability and warranty. It is important to inform passengers on-board about their current position along with the route. Providing “This Stop” and “Next Stop” information helps ensure that passengers know where they are at all times, especially those who are new to the place, so that they do not miss their stop and make their journeys stress-free. This Public Address system installed within the buses allows the bus driver to make announcements to all the passengers at once.

Power Electronics is also able to develop software solutions to enable the interface of third party equipment to its sign controllers e.g. connection of an existing ticket machine so that the driver only has to set a route code on a single device.

The company offer ARAI certified range of products for the transportation industry that focuses in improving efficiency of fleet operation and enhancing an everlasting passenger travelling experience.

The 130+ strong team of Power Electronics support & services to its customers through a well-established pan India service network.

The product range includes:

  • Parking Guidance, Management & Enforcement Solutions – on & off street
  • LED Road Signs – Shelter/Toll/ Speed/Lane/VMS/Solar powered/ portable
  • PIS & ITS for the Bus Transportation Industry
  • ATMS/HTMS for Highways – Variable Message Signs, Emergency Call Boxes, Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifiers (ATCC), Met Sensors
  • Smart City Products – Adaptive Traffic Control Solutions (ATCS) or Integrated

Traffic Management System (ITMS), VMS / VMD, Speed & Red Light Enforcement Cameras ANPR / RLVD, Intelligent Transportation Solutions

The company has also bagged contracts for supply to Nagpur, Vizag and Kakinada.

According to Vinay Jain, MD, Power Electronics, the company’s mission is to work with system integrators and continuously improve customer experience and overall utilisation of public transport by keeping passengers more reliably informed and by helping as many service providers as possible to transition to the next generation technologies.

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