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Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Plastic Studs, Spring Posts and Delineators

Muskaan Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd manufactures a wide range of safety products including plastic studs, spring posts and delineators. Plastic Stud DA-52 is made of ABS (Astronitrilite Butadiene Styrene). Two reflectors made of PMMA (Poly methyl methacrylate) plastic are fitted on the body of the stud for high night time visibility. The road stud is dynamically designed so that it can bear maximum load. There is a provision to fix a separate shank for better durability.

Spring Post(Long) DA- 962 is made of special flexible polyurethane. It retains excellent impact resistance and tensile strength even under extreme and varying weather and temperature conditions. In the event of a high speed collision, the spring post gets quickly restored to its original shape without any damage to itself or the vehicles. It also has three bands of highly reflective tape to increase visibility. It is not discoloured easily due to UV stabilisation. The spring post does not get easily knocked over even in case of impact from vehicles due to the special epoxy bond which is used to fix it on the road surface. Center Verge DA 1011 is a highly flexible and reflective spring post used as a temporary divider to control traffic. It can easily be fixed and is very portable. The UV stabilised material and extra ribs on the back make it very strong. It is available in two colour combinations – black-yellow and black-white.


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