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Friday , 14 June 2024

Launch of ER One

One of the major highlights of the TrafficInfraTech Expo was ER One – a compact First Response Vehicle for Highways & Road Patrolling and Rescue. Every few minutes its PA siren would blare and engulf the Expo venue creating much excitement among the visitors and the exhibitors. Grand Lumos Technologies Pvt Ltd, New Delhi chose to launch this indigenous vehicle at the first ever TrafficInfraTech Expo. With the road safety equipment of Frontier Polymers, Neel Kamal, Shree Arc and B D Industries lining the pathway – and nearly guiding the visitors to the hall, ER One made a grand presence at the entrance with its bright colours. If Harminder Kohli, the owner of Grand Lumos Technologies, had wanted ER One to “arrive” at the Show, then it sure did ‘arrive’.

ER One vehicle has specially been designed for reaching accident spots in less time and helping in immediate rescue efforts, equipped as it is with nearly everything that would be required at an accident spot on the highways or roadways. It is an air-conditioned compact vehicle that can be customised to specifications of any SUV like Tata Safari, Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Twin Cab and Innova. It has a seating capacity of three to four people and comes with an Emergency Light Bar LED Model with 100 Watt Siren cum PA System to clear the road quickly and effectively. High Power LED side and rear & front flashing lights increase the visibility of the vehicle from all sides. It has state-of-the-art rescue tools like pneumatic cutters & spreaders, and telescopic ram for fast cutting and expanding of crumpled accident vehicle to rescue trapped victims in minutes. Its high power Collapsible Halogen “Night Highlighter” Pan Tilt Flood Light lights up the emergency spot. Its high resolution camera enables to monitor the accident site through GPRS from the Control Room which can further help in enhancing aid to the victims. The high retro-reflective stickers increase the visibility of the vehicle at night from all sides.

ER One’s highlights

Combi Tool, Telescopic RAM, Lifting bags, petrol driven chain saw, crow bar, fireman axe, hammer (2 & 5 kgs), folding stretchers, grand mega phones (20 watts), water dispenser, fluorescent raincoat with reflective tapes, grand traffic baton, barricading tape, safety gum boots with steel toe, grand folding diversion sign arrow, dotted hand gloves, fluorescent life jackets, face shield, SS front bull guard and helmets.

This recue vehicle is made mainly for highway (toll) management companies and traffic & road departments.

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