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Wednesday , 29 May 2024


Boom barrier – Induction /
Ac servo Motor Based

PARKnSECURE’s Bulwark is a boom barrier that is manufactured under Make in India campaign. It comes with features like customizable cabinet, provision to be connected to computer via RS232, fast speed, accessibility through RFID and Bluetooth, response time of 0.626 seconds and more. Safety precaution functionality has also been added in the barrier. It even permits the user to relish remote configuration due to the facility of TCP/IP. Bulwark is very user friendly and is designed as per the international standards that incorporate soft contours, key lock release, LED lights and more attractive features.

Emergency Call Box- VOIP/GSM Based

The Call Box offers an end-to-end solution for road-side assistance in case of emergency situations. It is a robust communication system that incorporates telephone boxes installed at the highway and which is connected to a control centre for instant emergency responses. It comes with the following features:

  • Design compliance: Design of ECB complies with the international standards like IP65, CE and UL
  • Hands-free Emergency Calling: With our ECB the user can avail hands-free emergency call management service
  • Direct routing to emergency services: If needed, the user can even directly talk to an emergency service like fire-brigade, hospital or police
  • Connectivity options: Our ECB system runs on an ethernet network providing fibre optic connectivity
  • Remote service: With VoIP/GSM connectivity the calls for help can be made practically from any remote location

AVCC- Profiler/LIDAR Based

This is a high-speed data collection system that detects, counts and classifies all the vehicles passing where it is installed. The best part is that installing an AVCC never interrupts the flow of the traffic. Our AVCC System can be interfaced with various components like VMS, CCTV, modem and more. It is even compatible with multiple modes of data collection. ATCC helps in counting the flow of the traffic in real-time.

The features:

  • Easy to set up and run
  • Portable traffic counter/classifier
  • compatible with the Axle Light Laser Sensor
  • Follows Indian Standard
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Multilane operation
  • Comes with weatherproof housing
  • For additional storage there is PCMCIA memory option

Integrated user Fare Display

The Display is a two line by 13 character LED type display that is used as a user fare indicator. It displays information like vehicle registration number, fare details, balance journeys, seasonal messages, etc. It comes with the following features:

  • It is located in the toll lane in a place where it can be evidently seen by the drivers.
  • The primary purpose of the display is to report to the user, the type of vehicle entered by the toll collector and toll amount to be paid.
  • The information is displayed in bright yellow or red colors.
  • IP rated enclosures

A user fare display is a primary element of a modern toll booth that showcases all the necessary details the drivers want to see. These signs are planned to be observable in day light and to endure in rigorous surroundings as well.


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