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Friday , 19 April 2024

ATCC from Pixuate

Pixuate’s Automatic Traffic Count and Classifier [ATCC] is built with advanced AI software which provides highest accuracies along with ANPR feature. It is a hassle-free system which is easy to install with minimal hardware requirement, provides accurate real-time results with visual proofs and also compatible with free-flow tolling traffic, all at a fraction of cost of hardware enabled ATCCs. Pixuate offers best AI enabled technology for highway traffic audits, city traffic survey and highway toll management.

Pixuate 1


  • AI software enabled ATCC system, integrates with off the shelf CCTV cameras
  • Can capture multi-lane, bidirectional traffic, free flow or plaza traffic data
  • Return vehicle identification based on ANPR
  • Multiple classification types based on axle, brands, make and model or vehicle category upto 16 classes.
  • Visual proofs and reporting features for fool-proof auditing

Pixuate 2

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