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Friday , 17 May 2024

Parking solutions from Zenitel

Adding audio to parking garages and lots

A large proportion of security and safety problems and issues can occur in parking areas and those situations can be difficult to monitor and control. Whatever the scenario, people need access to immediate assistance and the ability to clearly communicate and get a fast, effective response. With interoperability at all levels, we seamlessly integrate with access control, video management and security platforms.

 Zenitel intercom enhances security at parking lots. With the simple push of an intercom button, users can have direct communication with parking operators and/or security personnel.

  • Enhanced intelligibility with HD voice and crystal-clear audio
  • Both hardware and software embedded and integrated intercom solutions
  • Simple to operate and maintain

Integrated Parking Solutions

Reception/Control Room: Video-enabled IP office phone to hear, be heard and to see, for effective customer service

Entrances/Exit Door: Adding voice to CCTV and Access Control System so that one can see and hear who is calling at the gate or door

Barrier/Payment: Embedded and integrated communication solutions for parking barriers and automatic payment machines. Intelligibility out of the box with crystal-clear audio

Special Features:

HD audio quality with automatic noise reduction (ANR), acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and automatic volume control (AVC) technologies, within the most demanding environments.

Public address for parking: IP solutions for Public Address. Divide a parking facility into multiple zones and broadcast announcements or sound alarms.

Door intercom with video: Our Turbine Video IP intercom can withstand challenging environments such as high/low temperatures, vandalism, dirt, dust, and water.

Embedded and integrated: Software and hardware solutions for embedded intercom solutions.

Remote operations: Receive calls remotely during out-of-office hours. Use remote commands to control calls, relays and I/O.

Control room: Intercom solutions for the control room, integrated with surveillance systems. Intercom management solution package and SDK for PC.

Tel/GSM/Radio: Integration with PSTN, GSM or Radio communication network

Help points/Emergency: A single intercom station is powerful enough to operate both as a paging speaker and as an intercom station.

Broadcast Announcements: Integrated control room solution for critical communication and surveillance functions.

Individuals with disabilities: Products designed according to Disability Act requirements, with features like Audio Messaging and integration with hearing loops.

Telephone (PTSN), GSM and radio: Easy integration with a range of SIP and radio gateways. Expand communication boundaries.

Upgrade a legacy solution to IP: Out-of-the-box integration solutions with analog systems and legacy communication services.

Barrier and payment machines: Intercom solution for both parking barriers and automatic payment machines, with relays and I/Os that can be managed over IP.

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