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Thursday , 18 April 2024

Neptune from ITS Planner & Engineers

Transit Management platform, Neptune, is designed to help cities design efficient transit networks and schedules, manage transit operations efficiently and review the operational efficiency for system improvement. Neptune’s flexible architecture allows it to integrate with various sub-systems as per the city requirement. Neptune comes along with most advanced optimisation features such as automated bus & crew allocation, dynamic timetabling, route optimisation, analytics and dashboards to enable cities/transport agencies for efficient management of their transit system.

Neptune is tested to be used in conjunction with an independent GPS device or a full-fledged on bus computing unit with GPS, display board controller, PAS, driver console, etc. Our inbuilt content manager and typical sign board management layers will allow the city to use various types of display boards in order to display simple or complex information along with advertisements to the users. Neptune is also powered by our Traffic Intelligence Server and hence easily works in conjunction with ITMS platform, Traveller Information Systems, ICCC platform, etc. as an integral component to enhance mobility in cities and hence reducing congestion.

ITSPE is in the process of deploying Neptune in Thiruvananthapuram for KSRTC as part of the smart city mission for efficient management of the bus transportation plying in and around the city.

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