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Saturday , 22 June 2024

Contactless payment option in New Jersey

New Jersey Transit has introduced a new contactless payment option for its commuters – they can just tap or wave their debit or credit cards on the buses. This applies to buses travelling to different zones in the system too. The system, available on six bus routes including travel into NewYork, is based on distance or zones travelled. It allows the riders to pay and board the buses faster. Now, the commuter no longer needs to stand in long queues at ticket machines or counters.

The system was tried as pilot on three routes in 2010 by ACS, A Xerox Company which installed the system and NJ Transit. ACS will maintain and service the card readers, terminals and equipment along with hosting the payment platform to process transactions. NJ Transit is also evaluating a unique payment system for its customers with disabilities – a rubberised wrist band with an embedded contactless payment chip.

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