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Wednesday , 22 May 2024

New ITS project in Thailand

Thailand?s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has introduced a new Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). As a part of the project, titled Smart Thailand, all cars in Thailand will have sensors installed in them. The sensors transmit real-time location of the cars to a central Control Centre where it is combined with data received from the CCTV network. This combined data is then interpreted and processed before being transmitted to both the traffic police and commuters. Smart Thailand ushers in better traffic management, reduces costs, and provide travellers with information about the most congested areas and the areas they should avoid, thereby helping them plan their journeys more efficiently. The new system, when used for large commercial vehicles where rapid charging is often important, can recharge a vehicle using lower voltage systems (240V) much faster than a comparable plug-in charger.



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