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Thursday , 20 June 2024

New cameras for traffic surveillance

Point Grey, the Canadian designer and digital camera maker for industrial applications, has introduced two new camera models ? the 2.8 MP 1080p30 and the 5 MP. The two models are an extension of the Zebra2 camera series made especially for traffic and surveillance applications. The 2.8MP 1080p30 gives superior light sensitivity while the 5MP model is best suited for lower frame rate applications. Both models have P-iris lens control, allowing discrete control over lens aperture. Users at present use two separate cameras ? one for viewing low-latency live feed and other to do image processing. The Zebra2 cameras combine these two functions in a single product. The new image pipeline combined with Sony CCD (charge coupled device) imagers and remote lens control enables Zebra2 to capture fast moving objects

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