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Wednesday , 12 June 2024

New technology to improve speed enforcement

Laser Technology Inc (LTI) provides laser measurement technology which addresses real world needs and applications, including speed enforcement, accident investigation, forestry, mining, utilities and surveying. Vinny Alvino, Traffic Safety Product Manager, speaks to TrafficInfraTech.

Laser Technology offers a wide range of laser-based products for law enforcement agencies.

Laser Technology Inc (LTI) revolutionized traffic enforcement with the introduction of the very first laser speed device. This was a major breakthrough because it enabled law enforcement to pinpoint an individual vehicle in dense traffic and gave them a tool unaffected by radar detectors.

Lidar, which stands for light detection and ranging is at the heart of all our measurement devices and is truly our specialty. From speed enforcement to crash scene mapping, LTI offers a full range of Lidar solutions including one for tailgating enforcement, handheld photo/video traffic enforcement, tactical measurements and statistical data collection.

LTI will be launching Trucam II, which is the latest all-in-one speed enforcement tools at the forthcoming TrafficinfraTech Expo 2017 to be held at Hyderabad from September 13-15.

What are the features of Trucam-II?

TruCAM® II is a mobile, hand-helddevice which law enforcement agencies need in gathering a high resolution image of a speed infraction for the officer’s chain of evidence. This allows for solid speed enforcement on India’s roadways resulting in a reduction of court contested arguments between the Police and India’s drivers. With 30 years in the laser speed enforcement market, LTI has placed all the features a law enforcement agency would want in this one speed enforcement tool:

• AdapTec® auto-focus, auto-iris and automatic shutter control so just point and shot for the perfect image every time.
• 3” LCD back screen for easy viewing in any lighting conditions.
• Crystal-clear license plate images at 150m for a solid chain of evidence.
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities allowing for roadside printing.
• ShareView® software (included) allows for remote screen viewing / operations or to send image to your department’s back office.
• Works with LTI Blitz™ software for sending images down-the-road to a second officer for speed enforcement or your department’s FTP server to send to multiple tablets for displaying offense to driver

The TruCAM II is easy to use and with an IP55 rating can be used in any weather conditions. It comes with a standard two-year limited warranty, and additional warranty years can be purchased separately based on the requirement of the tender.

Whether it be one of the units that simply records speed measurements or all-in-one units like the TruCAM II which captures both the speed infraction and a photo & video for the chain of evidence, our units record speeds at an accuracy of +/- 2km/h with a speed display resolution of +/- 1km/h.

The initial response to the TruCAM II has been favorable with many states asking for practical demonstrations of the unit. From mobile roadside printing to software solutions which can send images down the road to remote location for speed violations, the TruCAM II has all the practical technology to turn this mobile device into the mobile solution the enforcement agency has been looking for.

Additionally, with the new protocol being used in the TruCAM II, integration of this new unit into current back-office system can be done seamlessly. Our Engineers and enforcement authority’s IT department can now work handin- hand on this new platform to have images sent directly to the back-office for processing.

We are excited to be launching this new technology for the Indian market at the TrafficInfraTech Expo this year.

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