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Friday , 23 February 2024

Greaves Cotton to produce LCV engines

Greaves Cotton, industrial and auto engine maker, is trying to use its indigenous expertise to make and market engines for the fast growing Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment of the Indian automobile industry. The LCV market in India saw a 26% growth rate even during the recent recession. With LCVs not being very popular in the West, there are practically no Western technologies in the market, and the LCV engine technology has evolved more in India. Greaves’s G series of engines, which can be used for LCVs, has been designed and developed entirely in India.

The series, which was designed for industrial purposes with a rating up to 200hp, can also be adapted for automobile use. Greaves Cotton is also open to supplying engines for passenger vehicle applications. The company plans to make use of the growing trend of automakers to outsource the development of their engines as the development of an engine can take up to three to four years which is a longer time than the time needed to develop a car.

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