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Friday , 1 March 2024

Mumbai-Pune Volvo buses to get Wi-Fi

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) plans to install Wi-Fi sets on 100 Shivneri AC Volvo buses that it operates between Mumbai and Pune. The service, which will be free, will allow commuters to access the internet from their laptops, iPads and smartphones such as Android, BlackBerry and iPhones. Before using the service, commuters will receive a query, in response to which they have to fill up details such as their mobile number and email id. Within a few seconds, the commuter receives a message on a mobile with the login id to access the Wi-Fi network and internet during the journey, the login id being valid only for the journey. MSRTC will maintain a record of all users.? The buses will also have a GPS system on board to help the corporation monitor the buses from a central control room. About 45% of regular commuters who use the bus service are software and BPO professionals who have been demanding the Wi-Fi facility for quite some time now. This will be in addition to the CCTV cameras for improved security and monitoring drivers and LCD screens. The free service has been made possible by advertising rights given to a company on the buses. A similar service with free Wi-Fi facility has been run by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation for the last few years.

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