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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Motorists spend 18% of time distracted

A study on driver behaviour conducted by Direct Line, a motor vehicle insurance based in the UK has found that motorists are distracted from driving about 18% of the time that they are on the road. The things that distract them include advertisements, sceneries and clouds. The study done using the latest eye-tracking technology to see where and when drivers were looking recorded the eye movements of drivers. Drivers were found to take off their eyes off the road every nine seconds. Use of satellite navigation devices was observed to increase drivers? distraction, with such drivers spending about 22% of their time distracted from the road. An average driver looks at clouds and scenery 7% of the time, checks mirrors 3.2% of the time, looks at advertisements 0.8% of the time and observes pedestrians 3% of the time who neither move nor cross the roads, whereas he spends just 0.2% of the time looking at oncoming vehicles.

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