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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Mobile Apps for Smart Parking

Some of the key features of the app are:

  • real time location tracking
  • secure parking lot
  • cars are not park on the road-side
  • anywhere pickup & drop in the service location
  • insurance cover up to one crore

carWithin a month of launch of the pilot project, the app reached 300 paid customers without any marketing campaign. The valet on-demand is growing at 21 percent on month basis.

However, with 90 percent unorganized market and low-tech penetration, getting vendors to use app to update parking spots is one of the challenges which Constapark is solving though increasing engagement and gamifying the workflow.

According to Chetan, the revolutionary hour for urban parking would begin when on-board car computers begin chatting with one another and culminate once fully autonomous cars become the norm. It is not far-fetched to think that one day user will start commanding their car to drop at their desired destination and find a parking place on its own.

Similarly, car drivers can now book a valet in Bengaluru instead of looking for parking spots. Bengaluru based ValetEZ has partnered with local merchants to provide discounts to the users of the service. The app currently has parking information across three cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai and offers valet services in specific areas like Kormangala, Bangalore.

Smit-Kant-RaturiSmit Kant Raturi, Founder/CEO, ValetEZ, said, “While there are other parking applications available for smartphones, the real problem of parking is not limited to technology but more on operations. This is where ValetEZ differentiates itself from others. While the mobile application provides an easily operable interface to the user, ValetEZ is backed by a strong and reliable operations team on the ground that ensures the safety and security of the cars.”

Each area has a dedicated team of friendly and experienced valets and is overseen by an area manager to ensure a hassle free experience. Car owners who are not looking for valets, are also assisted in finding parking spots in their vicinity. Starting with Bangalore as proof of concept, the app helps spot over 30,000 parking slots in over 400 locations and is being used by more than 2000 car drivers.

Some of the features of smart parking application of ValetEZ:

  •  Allows users to search for free and parking spaces across three cities: Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. It currently captures information for 700 plus locations with a capacity of 60,000 parking spots
  • Allows crowd sourcing of parking data form users using the application
  • Allows booking of valet service for picking up & dropping your car in specific areas in Bangalore (eg. Kormangala)
  • Features to share feedback about the app and share on social media

Some of the challenges, Raturi points out in implementing the technology are: ensuring accuracy and upgradation of parking information since this data is not readily or easily available. Ensuring timely valet services for car pick up and drops given the traffic jams can lead to some delays and unpredictability in time taken to reach a destination.

The growth of automobiles and shrinking of spaces have created acute shortage of parking space. As a result, the cars circling for parking space create traffic congestion that translates to extensive amounts of fuel wastage and carbon emissions affecting the environment. Thus, innovative technology and sustainability are in high demand for the parking industry and the green or sustainable solutions are the need of the hour.

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