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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Mobile Apps for Smart Parking

ParkingSome of the key features of the Masspark app are:

1) It is convenient

  • There is no need to carry cash. Instead of standing in the street and searching for change, user can simply pay using their cell phone through MassPark App.
  • Pay only for the time the vehicle was parked
  • Receive SMS reminder when parking time is about to expire
  • Extend time from anywhere

2) It is easy

  • User friendly and easy registration process
  • To download from mobile phones with Android or IOS

3) It is quick

  • No need to look for a parking meter or wait for parking warden
  • Receive confirmation in seconds

To use the app, a user has to register complete details before parking. The information is stored in user’s secure account which means a user can park and pay in seconds. Ground sensors will be installed to gather real-time parking information, which will then be relayed to drivers through a smartphone app and parking signs. The license plate is used by parking-enforcement officers or parking-lot staff to check whether parking fee is paid or not.

On-demand valet parking service

This relatively new category of apps have been gaining ground in the US since mid-2014. These apps offer the experience of valet parking without having to go to a particular location. Rather, they work within relatively large service areas, typically in downtown or other dense retail and business districts.

The idea is this: when a user is about to leave or en-route to a location in a service area, user has to tap — ‘Constapark’ or ‘ValetEZ’ like — app for a pickup. The service does its back-end logistics magic and informs user approximately when someone will arrive at the point/destination a user has picked. As the driver gets closer, it pairs an agent, and provides information about valet’s name, shows his or her picture, and lets one directly text or call. So when the user arrives, hand off cars keys and away you go!

Bengaluru based Constapark is valet parking aggregation platform. Through its app, user has to select a drop-off location, and a uniformed valet driver will wait at the designated spot to take the car to the secure parking facilities. After the user is done with errands or meetings, he/she can tap a button on the app and request for the car to be brought back. Currently, all payments are cashless and they accept both online and offline payments. This service is active in Koramangala and Indiranagar in Bangalore.

Chetan-ChauhanChetan Chauhan, Co-founder, Constapark, explained, “Parking is one of the most ignored aspects of city infrastructure; with lack of policy framework, it is turning nightmare for vehicle owners. At Constapark, we are working to simplify parking experience and manage inventories and provide information to user who is looking for parking and optimize revenue for parking vendors.”

Chetan further explained, “Constapark is transforming the way people park their cars around the city by eliminating the hassle of finding space. Our revolutionary parking & on-demand valet platform connects with customers and help them skip the traffic every time they plan to go out.”

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