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Thursday , 18 April 2024


Evolution 15FM Radar SignSafePace® Evolution 15FM Radar Sign

SafePace radar speed signs are designed to slow cars down, to make streets safer for everyone. Speed Display Signs have been proven to be effective, particularly with today’s highly visual, often distracted drivers. The Traffic Logix SafePace® Evolution 15FM variable message sign is a versatile display sign that allows you to customize messaging to each driver’s behaviour. It offers the ability to display custom text, graphics, or speed display all on the compact, lightweight sign face. The flexible sign also offers the ability to display either driver speed in full 38cm digits with speed activated digit colour changes or your choice of driver responsive text or graphics on the full matrix speed display sign.

SafePace Guardian Pro Camera

Whether you want to gather data and imagery on speed violators or use cameras to help enforce speed limits, our solutions are here to help you capture the images you need for safer roads.

The Guardian Pro speed camera system helps enforce speed limits and discourage speed violators. It is a fully integrated multi-beam infrared speed enforcement camera, that tracks vehicles in multiple lanes with highly accurate LEDDAR technology and is invisible to radar detectors.

With the Guardian Pro Speed Camera system you can:

  • Capture images of speeding vehicle license plates from multiple lanes simultaneously.
  • Send customized warnings to speeding drivers automatically to encourage safer driving.
  • Capture images of drivers at their natural speeds without them slowing momentarily near device.
  • Get up to the minute traffic data and reports from your cameras anywhere you are with SafePace Cloud.

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