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Saturday , 22 June 2024

LED Lights

Solar LED Lights from Solaris is an investment product that pays back within 5?8 years of investment. It helps to reduce energy cost by 50-70% and decrease carbon footprint and light pollution. It has a design life of 20 years and Solaris offers free maintenance for these 20 years. The use of these lights provides for better spacing between poles, thus fewer poles need to be installed. The use of a special cleaning glass makes it virtually dust-proof. Many municipalities, highway toll management companies and private companies are going for cheap alternatives when it comes to solar LED street lights and by doing this, they end up paying 3-4 times more for the lamps over the same period of time. They also end up installing 20-30% more lamp fittings on the streets. Therefore, over the long term, both municipalities and private companies may be paying more, not only on their energy cost but also on their capital investment when using cheaper alternatives. With the cost of energy set to rise by 50% within next five years and with all the sunlight available, the use of solar LED street lights such as Solaris by local municipalities, highway toll management companies and private companies is quite appropriate. In a country such as India which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and where there is quite a critical shortage of power in many states along with high levels of air pollution, it is the right time to bring about a change by the use of a green product such as solar powered street lights.

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