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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Automatic Sliding Door for BRTS

Automatic Siding Door for BRTS from Technocrats Security Systems Pvt Ltd has been widely used in the Janmarg BRTS, Ahmedabad. When the bus arrives at the station bay and the bus doors and bus station doors align with each other, the bus driver presses a switch to open the bus doors and then presses the RF remote open button switch to open the bus station doors. Once commuters finish boarding and alighting from the bus, the bus driver gives the closing command to the bus door and then presses the close button on the remote. The control logic in the remote waits for an acknowledgement signal from the door position sensor that the bus door is closed. After a delay of one second it transmits an RF (radio frequency) signal to the receiver of the bus station door to close the station door.

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