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Monday , 24 June 2024

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Japan to study feasibility of rail link

Japan is planning to undertake a joint feasibility study for a proposed high speed rail link service from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Japan, which has been looking for a consultant to partner it in the study, will sign the contract this year itself in order to finish the four-month study for the 754km rail route early next year. While the ...

Hyderabad roads to be repaired

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will repair the roads of the city that were damaged by the monsoon by the end of this year. They will be re-carpeted and patch works of bitumen roads too would be carried out. The GHMC’s standing committee has sanctioned `37.42 crore for the road works.

London funding and smart cards

London’s Lord Mayor Alderman Michael Bear, on a recent tour of Mumbai with a high level business delegation, has expressed a desire to finance the metropolis’ infrastructure projects. At a meeting at the MMRDA office, the Authority’s Metropolitan Commissioner, Rahul Asthana and the Mayor discussed Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link, the seven proposed Metro lines and the Multi-Modal Corridor projects. The meeting, ...

Boosting Public Transport in Dubai

In order to encourage people to move towards the use of public transport, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is planning and implementing many projects.

Bus Route Finder

Mumbai Environmental Social Network is developing a smartphone-based technology that will enable the commuters to not only know their bus routes and directions but also buy tickets through their handsets

The BMTC Experiment

The introduction of IT based applications has completely transformed the process of recruitment in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). It has not only brought in more transparency in the recruitment process but has also made it cost- effective and citizen-friendly.

Mobiles As The On Vehicle Monitoring Stations

A smartphone based project for road safety and traffic management, backed by the Government of Italy and the European Commission, is being developed in Italy. Using M2M – the Mobile to Mobility service, the road users will not only be able to provide information on road conditions to a central database, they will be able to monitor and control the situations as well.

Germany’s Smart mobile manoeuvers

Germany has a vision for 2020 – it wishes to bring one million electric vehicles on its roads. Electromobility seems to be its mantra. And it is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to attract automobile manufacturers to move to its side of the fence.

Smart Traffic Congestion Reductions

Todd Litman, Founder and Executive Director, Victoria Transport Policy Institute critically evaluates the traffic congestion methodologies in this article specially written for TrafficInfraTech. The current evaluation practices are biased in various ways that encourage decision makers to over-invest in roadway expansion and under-support other congestion reduction strategies, he says. While developing a more comprehensive congestion costing framework, this study indicates that improved congestion costing methods can lead to more efficient and equitable traffic congestion solutions, and that these planning reforms are important in both developing and developed countries.