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Wednesday , 17 July 2024

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Diesel Emission Abatement in India

Vehicle population is on the rise all over the world. So is the human dependence on diesel. Have you ever wondered what emission from a diesel engine can do to your health? If not, read on.

The Archimedes Project

Faced with a large scale increase in the number of private vehicles, rising traffic pollution, constant increase in fuel prices and growing traffic pollution, the European Commission – the executive body of the European Union – launched the Archimedes Project in 2008 under the City-Vitality-Sustainability Plus Initiative. Slated to be completed by 2012, Archimedes has promoted clean fuel environment-friendly vehicles and non-motorised transport, and at the same time, introduced innovative measures to reduce traffic congestion and enhance commuters’ safety.

The Bullet train accident at Wenzhou

On July 23 this year, in the suburbs of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, at around 8pm (local time) a train travelling from Hangzhou to Fuzhou South lost power and came to a halt. Soon thereafter, a train travelling from Beijing to Fuzhou South crashed into the rear end of the stationary train. The last two carriages of the first train and ...

Background, Issues and Future Prospects of China’s High Speed Rail Programme

Whether it was the ticket price or reduction in ordinary train services, a corruption scandal that seemed to have eclipsed the safety issues or the tragic Wenzhou collision of two bullet trains on July 23 this year, China’s ambitious high speed rail programme has faced one setback after the other. In August, China suspended its new high-speed rail plans. Where did one of the world’s most modern rail operators go wrong? What is its future? Transport expert Richard Di Bona writes.

Research on dowsing in other countries

Many scientists have been intrigued enough by dowsing’s success to investigate it using scientific models. In 1995, Professor Hans-Dieter Betz, a physicist at the University of Munich, published a paper “Water Dowsing in Arid Regions” in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, published from Stanford University which documented the results of a 10-year-old study funded by the German government to apply ...

Corner Guards

Corner Guards from Frontier Polymers are highly reflective all-weather guards which do not require any steel plate for installation. This makes them economical and maintenance free. They are manufactured from strong and durable plastic with good impact-resistant properties, and are tamper-resistant. They can be put both on circular and rectangular columns and are embedded with highly reflective material. The corner ...

Rigid Retro-Reflective Delineator

3M India Limited has brought out a new Rigid Retro-Reflective Delineator that promises to redefine safety provided by delineators. The Type-1 Diamond Grade reflective sheeting used in the delineator gives the product very high reflectivity. Its large reflective area of 235sqcm and the red-white colour combination ensures that the delineator is visible during day and night. It is lightweight, yet ...

Road Studs

Aloclite Road Studs (Model C-1210) from Ashu Enterprises are durable devices that provide day and night visibility in adverse weather conditions. These are reflectorised studs – they reflect light from the vehicle’s headlights back to the driver’s eyes. They provide a definitive and clear outline of pavement markings during the poor visibility conditions like fog, rain and darkness. They are ...


Jumbo Barricade from Protek Traffic Devices Pvt Ltd is a heavy barricade built to withstand knocks from vehicles without easily falling down. Being a water-filled barricade with a capacity of 350 litres of water, it minimises the impact in case of collisions and reduces the possibility of serious injuries as against the concrete barriers. The perforations in the barricade allow ...