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Monday , 22 July 2024

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Solar Delineator

Shree Arc of Delhi, dealing in Road Safety Products, has introduced superior quality Solar Delineators which have a special base that allows them to be mounted on a cone or pole to warn motorists from a distance of an approaching crossover or flyover. By providing clear visibility guidance in all weather conditions, the delineator helps to ensure the driver’s safety. ...

Convex Mirror

Brite Eye (Minitec Systems) of Delhi has launched a Polycarbonate Convex Mirror with fiber moulded water-proof and weather-proof characteristics. It gives view of the approaching vehicle from the other side at a blind curve. It can also be used at parking lots and basements to enable the sight of approaching vehicles at blind turns. The mirror can be attached to ...

Delineators and Marker Adhesives

New Delhi based Ashu Enterprises has been catering to the demands of supplying products on traffic safety and road furnishings since 2005 under the brand name of Alcolite. With a wide array of products like Delineators (linear and solar), Road Sign Boards, Traffic Cones, Speed Breakers (rubber and plastic), Solar Road Studs, Traffic Light Bars, Spring Posts, Guide Posts, Guard ...

The early years

Devices to control access and transit were in existence well before the Christian Era. The word ‘barrier’ is derived from ‘bar’, meaning a physical obstruction, and can be traced back through French to its Latin roots. Today it is often used in connection with the controlled blocking of traffic lanes, so that barriers and vehicles are items of hardware that ...

Vehicle Barrier A lot more than just up and down

Recently introduced Micro Drive generation of barriers by Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH are based on the patented MHTM drive system which is integrated into the enclosure to make a very compact design of unit.

Park it. Connect it. Manage It

Connectivity, Mobility and Management are the most important factors of parking management in these highly automated times. An integrated approach and well planned infrastructure are the need of the hour.

Coloured Surfacing

Coloured Surfacing forms an important part of new road technology as it brings down death or serious injuries on road

Newport Transporter Bridge is renovated

From October 1-3, 2010, Newport, Wales will host the infamous golfing event the Ryder Cup. This news has prompted a £2bn refurbishment project in an effort to spruce up the Welsh city, creating a space that locals can be proud of when the world comes to call. Part of this wide-scale renovation includes the £1.225m restoration of the Grade I ...

India and Finland sign memorandum

India’s Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Kamal Nath and Finland’s Minister of Transport, Anu Vehviläinen recently signed a memorandum of cooperation in Road Transport at Helsinki, Finland. Now road transport and road construction officials and experts of both the countries will share information in the areas of planning and information management system for road administration, construction operation and maintenance ...