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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Convex Mirror

Brite Eye (Minitec Systems) of Delhi has launched a Polycarbonate Convex Mirror with fiber moulded water-proof and weather-proof characteristics. It gives view of the approaching vehicle from the other side at a blind curve. It can also be used at parking lots and basements to enable the sight of approaching vehicles at blind turns. The mirror can be attached to a storage tank to know the level of contents inside the tank and can be placed at shop floors to know the movement of material handling equipment like fork lift, cranes, trolleys and conveyors. It can also be used as Under Vehicle Search Mirror. The mirror has high resistance to severe impacts and brutal weather conditions. It has cat-eyes/beads on either side for easy night time visibility. As it is removable, it can be relocated according to the need. Available in black and yellow, its colour is permanent and it doesn’t require repainting. The mirror is available in four sizes – 18”, 24”, 32” and 40”; and in three dimensions: Speed Breaker (Rubber) 510*420*54; Speed Breaker (Rubber) 510*420*75 and Speed Breaker (Plastic) 350*250*50.

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