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Monday , 22 July 2024

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Mumbai Metro Car Depot nears completion

The Metro Car Depot for the Mumbai Metro being constructed at DN Nagar is expected to be opened by the end of this year. With an area of 9.75 hectare, the car depot will house the nerve centre of Mumbai Metro in the form of the Operation Control Centre (OCC). The OCC will be responsible for the efficient management of ...

Jiaozhou Sea Bridge can withstand earthquakes

The 26.4 miles long Jiaozhou Sea bridge of China, opened three months ago, has become an engineering marvel. It has snatched the title from the USA’s Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana by stretching by two-and-a-half miles longer. The six-lane 110 foot wide, Y-shaped bridge across the Jiaozhou bay which cost US $2.3 billion and took four years to build, has ...

UTTIPEC Improving Delhi traffic – the unified approach

When it comes to development of traffic infrastructure and management, all Indian cities/towns face a common problem – the involvement of a number of government and semi- government bodies. The problem has been very acutely felt in the National capital territory of Delhi with increased capacity building by way of roads, flyovers, metro rail and MRTS. Lack of coordination and ...

Commonwealth Games – Reaching the fields

The management of mobility of the athletes and the spectators within Delhi is one important area the Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games 2010, New Delhi, is seriously working on. More than the numbers, it is the different categories of people to be catered to — athletes, their relatives, accompanying officials, media, technicians, VIPs, tourists and the spectators — that calls for meticulous preparation and synchronisation with various agencies including the Traffic Police and Delhi Transport Corporation.

Monorail Mumbai’s new travel option

Mumbai Monorail, based on straddle-beam technology, will make travel faster, easier and comfortable. It will also make it possible to introduce travel options in congested areas with twists and sharp turns.

Triumph in precision engineering

D K Sharma, Project Chief Engineer, HCC and overall in-charge of the Bandra Worli Sea Link, speaks from the engineering perspective.

Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge of HOPE

In a whirly bird over the arc of the Mahim Bay, the gigantic towers of the city's most recent infrastructural marvel, the Bandra Worli Sea Link, appear like an apparition in steel rising out of the sea, hands, as it were, folded in a namaskara, the traditional Indian gesture of obeisance, even as the waves below gently wash the Mumbai shore in an act of abhisheka.

13,000km, 3 months and without a driver

On July 20, 2010, a team of software engineers left Parma, Italy on a three months-and-13,000km journey to Shanghai, China. So what is so special about this? Nothing except the fact that they are travelling in two driverless electric vans. It’s the first time in the history of transportation that vehicles without drivers and without using oil-based propulsion are moving ...

Technical Aspects, Car Style

While the Pedestrian Detection Technology of Volvo Car Corporation enables automatic application of brakes in case of emergencies, CGI Engine and BlueEFFICIENCY of Mercedes-Benz cars contribute immensely towards energy management.

Going Hybrid

If the government’s efforts in providing alternative vehicle technology bear fruit, Hybrid Vehicles might soon run on Indian roads, thereby leading to greater fuel economy and lower emissions